Completing the Annual Report

The Annual Report was introduced in 1989 in order to evaluate greek organizations and to ensure organizations were preforming to the best of their ability. Although its details fluctuate each year, it still serves the same purpose today. For those of you who belong to chapters that excel at submitting the Annual Report, we applaud you, however as students ourselves the IFC Executive Board realizes that it's not always easy to balance classwork and managing a fraternity, along with all of your other responsibilities. 

We have put together a method of breaking down the report and assigning each section to a member of your executive board. This is by no means a definitive how to guide, but simply a suggestion on how to divide up the work in case your chapter struggles with keeping track of what has been and needs to be submitted. 

If you are a member of your chapters executive board and are listed below, click your title to view what we suggest you are responsible for completing. The general tab consists of events, programs, and other tasks that require the entire organization to complete.