General Events To Plan

Purpose: The chapter is organized and run in an efficient manner. All inter/national policies and
procedures are followed.


Re-registration Questions:

1. _____ Chapter minutes are produced consistently. Provide minutes from one meeting in
the fall (F15) and one meeting in the spring (S16).
DOCUMENTATION: Click here to submit (fall) Click here to submit (spring)


2. _____ A balanced operating budget including anticipated income and expenditures is on
file at OFSA.
DOCUMENTATION: Submitted via Sakai


3. _____ A financial contract, which includes all financial policies, is signed annually by all
chapter members. Contracts must be signed no later than September 21st. Submit a
copy of an executed contract.
DOCUMENTATION: Click here to submit


4. _____ The chapter reserves space for regular chapter meetings and pledge/new member
meetings. Reservations should be made no later than Sept. 14/Jan. 25. Submit the
reservation confirmation.


5. _____ The chapter is in Good Standing with OFSA/Student Life for at least 12 weeks
each semester.


Awards Questions:

6. _____ The chapter reserves space to hold Information Sessions/Recruitment events at
appropriate on or off-campus venues. Submit reservation confirmation.
Documentation questions should be directed to your OFSA Liaison.


7. _____ The chapter annually requires all members to sign a membership contract. The
membership contract must include the following: academic requirements,
attendance requirements, financial requirements, participation requirements and
compliance with fraternity/sorority and university policies. Provide a copy of an
executed contract.
DOCUMENTATION: Click here to submit

General Policies

2-5 The chapter submits annual goals by the designated date (Submit via Sakai) (Due August 1st). 
4-3 60% of members are involved in other registered RU student groups. Submit a typed list of each name (initiates and new members), followed by their student organizations (Submit Via Sakai).

The chapter supports the chosen philanthropy of their national organization. Submit a letter of verification from the national fraternity.

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  Awards Questions Involving General Policy

The chapter has sound financial policies, which areannually distributed to all members. Policy documentation must be distributed no later than September 22, 2013. Provide a copy of the chapter financial policy AND the minutes reflecting the distribution of policy.

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Chapter members attend a national or regional Greek Leadership Program (NGLA, UIFI etc.) OR an approved university leadership development program (MARK Conference, Leadership Week etc.) Provide verification of attendance 

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The chapter has a written, published policy prohibiting use of ethnic, racial, alcoholic, or sexist part themes, T-shirt designs, flyers etc. Provide a copy of the chapter's policy.

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