Purpose: The chapter coordinates a year-round recruitment program that promotes the
organization to prospective members and their parents. It educates chapter members on effective
recruitment techniques.


Re-registration Questions:

1. _____ Academic eligibility is verified before bids are issued to potential new members.


2. _____ The chapter annually (attendance: at least 80%) holds a recruitment training
workshop or planning meeting. Workshops must take place by January 20th
Submit a program agenda.
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3. _____ The chapter participates in the fall & spring Student Involvement Fairs.


4. _____ Potential new members are able to freely access ALL of the following pieces of
information on the RU chapter website OR Facebook page.
a. Contact Information d. Chapter Fees
b. Requirements for Joining e. Scholarship Expectations
c. Membership Expectations f. Alcohol & Hazing Policies
Submit a copy of the web or facebook page.
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5. _____ The chapter holds at least one (1) recruitment event in each full month of the
academic year (September, October, November, February, March & April).
Submit a PNM attendance list.
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Awards Questions:

6. _____ The chapter utilizes a free web-based survey tool (Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo,
etc.) to conduct an evaluation of each recruitment period. Initiated & New
Members should complete the survey. Provide a link to the on-line results

DOCUMENTATION: Click here to submit (fall) Click here to submit (spring)

7. _____ The chapter annually holds a recruitment training program or planning
meeting specifically for newly initiated members. The program must take
place no later than April 8th. Provide a program agenda and attendance list.
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