Assignments to be Completed by the New Member Educator

Purpose: The chapter administers a well-developed education program for the newest members of
the chapter. The program promotes fraternity/sorority education as well as personal development.

Re-registration Questions:

1. _____ The chapter submits a written New Member Program and Calendar. A copy of the
program and calendar must be on file at OFSA
DOCUMENTATION: Submitted via Sakai


2. _____ New Members (attendance: at least 80%) participate in a daylong or weekend
education/leadership retreat.
a) The retreat must take place within four weeks after the date of pledging
b) The retreat must include the following components: Team Building and
Fraternity/Sorority Education.
c) Indicate half-day (four hours), full-day (eight hours), overnight
DOCUMENTATION: Click here to submit (fall) Click here to submit (spring)


3. _____ The New Member Educator attends the fall and spring OFSA sponsored New
Member Educator seminar.


4. _____ 85% of the New Member class is initiated each semester. New Member Initiation
Form should be submitted via Sakai
DOCUMENTATION: Submitted via Sakai


5. _____ A post-initiation workshop is conducted with the new member class to review the
various aspects of the initiation ceremony (attendance: at least 80%).
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Awards Questions:

6. _____ New Members are asked to complete a web-based evaluation tool (Survey
Monkey, Survey Gizmo, etc.) at the end of the New Member program. Provide a
copy of the Fall 15 and Spring 16 on-line results.
DOCUMENTATION: Click here to submit (fall) Click here to submit (spring)


7. _____ The Pledge/New Member class attends the OFSA/Council sponsored New
Member Seminar (fall and spring).