Select Recruitment Schedules for the Fall 2016 Semester are available below:

  1. Delta Lambda Phi (Recruitment Chair: Abraham Linares – 732-648-7626)
    Friday, September 9ΒΣ Active! Field Day with Delta Lambda Phi: Flag Tag5:00 PMPassion Puddle
    Monday, September 12Information Session8:00 PMOff-Campus
    Tuesday, September 13Gayming Night8:00 PMOff-Campus
    Wednesday, September 14Bowl With The Bromos8:00 PMCollege Ave Student Center
    Thursday, September 15Tasty Thursday at Bubbakoo's Burritos8:00 PM53 Easton Avenue
    Friday, September 16BΣ Active! Field Day with Delta Lambda Phi: Frisbee5:00 PMVorhees Mall
    Monday, September 19Invitation Dinner (Invite-Only)8:00 PMOff-Campus
    Tuesday, September 20Stargayzing8:00 PMAntilles Field
  2. Pi Lambda Phi (Recruitment Chair: Austin Ciccarino – 908-752-5142)
    Friday, September 9Meet the Brothers8:00 PMCollege Ave Student Center
    Monday, September 12Wings/Football/Pizza8:00 PMRiverside Dorm Classroom
    Wednesday, September 14Soccer/Basketball/Flag Football7:00 PMPark Behind the Riverside Dorms
    Friday, September 16Meet the Brothers8:00 PMCollege Ave Student Center
    Tuesday, September 20Video Game Night8:00 PMRiverside Dorm Classroom
    Friday, September 23Dinner with the Brothers (Invite Only)9:00 PMCollege Ave or Cook Campus
  3. Alpha Phi Delta (Recruitment Chair: Thomas Miller – 862-432-7307)
    Friday, September 9Meet the Brothers7:30 PMCollege Ave Student Center
    Monday, September 12Information Session7:30 PMCollege Ave Student Center
    Wednesday, September 14Dodgeball Tournament7:00 PMCollege Ave Gym
    Friday, September 16Game Night8:00 PMCollege Ave Student Center
    Wednesday, September 21Olympic Games8:00 PMCollege Ave Gym
    Friday, September 23Casino Night8:30 PMCollege Ave Student Center
    Sunday, September 25Bid Dinner8:00 PMOff-Campus Restaurant
  4. Phi Gamma Delta (Recruitment Chair: Kevin Gan – 908-392-3389)
    Thursday, September 8Meet the Brothers9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Saturday, September 10BBQ9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Tuesday, September 13Cigars and Poker9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Friday, September 16Game Night9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Monday, September 19Monday Night Football & Wings7:30 PMRutgers Student Center
    Wednesday, September 21Video Game Night9:00 PMRutgers Student Center
    Saturday, September 24Laser Tag7:00 PMRutgers Student Center
    Sunday, September 25Invite Only Dinner7:00 PMOff-Campus
  5. Phi Kappa Tau (Recruitment Chair: John DiNapoli – 908-601-6748)
    Thursday, September 8Meet the Brothers8:30 PM121 Hamilton Street
    Tuesday, September 13House Tour8:30 PM121 Hamilton Street
    Friday, September 16Game Night8:30 PM121 Hamilton Street
    Tuesday, September 20Basketball9:00 PMCollege Ave Gym
    Thursday, September 22Card Night8:30 PM121 Hamilton Street
    Friday, September 23Rush Dinner (Invite Only)7:00 PMLivingston Student Center Coffeehouse
  6. Delta Upsilon (Recruitment Chair: Waleed Adawi – 201-954-2178)
    Thursday, September 8Chick-Fil-A Night9:00 PMOff Campus
    Monday, September 12Rooms of DU9:00 PMOff Campus
    Wednesday, September 14DU Success Stories & Pizza9:00 PMOff Campus
    Sunday, September 18DU Olympics11:00 PMBuccleuch Park
    Monday, September 19Invite Only Dinner9:00 PMOff Campus
  7. Sigma Beta Rho (Recruitment Chair: Shivum Shah – 802-222-2726)
    Thursday, September 8Meet the Brothers/Game Night9:00 PMClassroom
    Friday, September 9Service Event9:00 PMClassroom
    Monday, September 12Wing Night and Information Session9:00 PMClassroom
    Tuesday, September 13Information Session9:00 PMClassroom
    Wednesday, September 14Rush Olympics7:30 PMWerblin Fields
    Thursday, September 15Ice Cream Social 9:00 PMClassroom
  8. Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Recruitment Chair: Joseph Rizzo – 973-525-7131)
    Friday, September 9Meet the Brothers7:00 PMOff-Campus
    Monday, September 12Monday Night Football9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Tuesday, September 13Floats & Os9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Wednesday, September 14True Gentleman Night9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Monday, September 19Wing Night9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Wednesday, September 21Hoagies & Stogies9:00 PMOff-Campus
  9. Phi Mu Delta (Recruitment Chair: Joseph LaVecchia – 908-705-1448)
    Thursday, September 8Meet the Brothers8:00 PMOff Campus
    Friday, September 9Meet and Greet8:00 PMOff Campus
    Tuesday, September 13Bowling8:00 PMBowling Alley
    Wednesday, September 14Poker Night8:00 PMOff Campus
    Thursday, September 15Chicken Nugget Night8:00 PMOff Campus
    Friday, September 16Interviews8:00 PMOff Campus
    Saturday, September 17Bis Night8:00 PMOff Campus
    Sunday, September 18Wings and Football8:00 PMOff Campus
  10. Beta Chi Theta (Recruitment Chair: Sachit Jain –
    Thursday, September 8King of the Table10:00 PMOff Campus
    Sunday, September 11Football Night7:00 PMOff Campus
    Tuesday, September 13Informational 110:00 PMOn Campus Meeting Room
    Thursday, September 15Kickback10:00 PMOff Campus
    Saturday, September 17Ball with the Brothers7:00 PMOn Campus Gym
    Sunday, September 18Tailgate7:00 PMOff Campus
    Tuesday, September 20Informational 210:00 PMOn Campus Meeting Room
    Friday, September 23Mixer10:00 PMOff Campus
  11. Phi Kappa Psi (Recruitment Chair: Farjad Haider – 201-220-5898)
    Thursday, September 8Meet the Brothers8:00 PMThe Phi Psi House
    Sunday, September 11BBQ & Football7:00 PMThe Phi Psi House
    Thursday, September 15Sports Night at CAG7:00 PMCollege Ave Gym
    Monday, September 19Monday Night Football8:00 PMThe Phi Psi House
    Wednesday, September 21Cigars & Poker9:00 PMThe Phi Psi House
    Sunday, September 25Invite Only8:00 PMThe Phi Psi House
  12. Chi Psi (Recruitment Chair: Conor O'Brien –
    Thursday, September 8Meet the Brothers9:00 PM114 College Ave
    Tuesday, September 13Chick-Fil-A Night9:00 PM114 College Ave
    Thursday, September 15Rooms of the Lodge9:00 PM114 College Ave
    Monday, September 19Cigar Bar Night8:00 PM114 College Ave
  13. Theta Delta Chi (Recruitment Chair: Brian Dietrich – 609-367-2733)
    Saturday, September 10Meet the Brothers8:00 PMOff Campus
    Tuesday, September 13Grill and Chill8:00 PMOff Campus
    Thursday, September 15Rooms of TDX9:00 PMOff Campus
    Wednesday, September 21Invite Only9:00 PMOff Campus
    Friday, September 23Bid Night9:00 PMOff Campus
  14. Tau Epsilon Phi (Recruitment Chair: Anthony LoBacchiaro – 908-247-4971)
    Friday, September 9BBQ and Sports3:00 PMBuccleuch Park
    Saturday, September 10Interest Meeting9:00 PMRutgers Student Center
    Wednesday, September 14Taco Bell Night9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Tuesday, September 20Rutgers Zone Game Night7:00 PMRutgers Zone
    Thursday, September 22Poker and Cigar Night10:00 PMOff-Campus
  15. Alpha Epsilon Pi (Recruitment Chair: Alex Gold – 908-752-5142)
    Monday, September 12Monday Night Football and Wings7:00 PM34 Sicard Street
    Tuesday, September 13Sushi and Sumo8:00 PM34 Sicard Street
    Thursday, September 15Thursday Night Football and Pizza8:00 PM34 Sicard Street
    Monday, September 19Rooms of Pi8:00 PM34 Sicard Street
    Tuesday, September 20AEPancakes9:00 PM34 Sicard Street
    Sunday, September 25Bid Dinner9:00 PM34 Sicard Street
  16. Theta Chi (Recruitment Chair: Christopher Hanley – 201-452-5296)
    Thursday, September 8Taco Bell Night9:00 PM49 Mine Street
    Tuesday, September 13Crave Case Race9:00 PM49 Mine Street
    Friday, September 16Rooms of Theta Chi9:00 PM49 Mine Street
    Tuesday, September 20Meet the Brothers9:00 PM49 Mine Street
    Thursday, September 22Gentlemen's Dinner (Invite-Only)9:00 PM49 Mine Street
  17. Delta Sigma Iota (Recruitment Chair: Pratik Patel – 732-771-7903)
    Sunday, September 11Scrimmage Day7:00 PMLivingston Fields
    Wednesday, September 14Film Room #110:00 PMScott Hall
    Thursday, September 15Team Bonding9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Saturday, September 17Tournament of the Americas9:00 PMOff-Campus
    Monday, September 19Film Room #210:00 PMScott Hall
    Tuesday, September 20Team Dinner10:30 PMBuffalo Wild Wings
    Thursday, September 22Night of Champions9:30 PMOff-Campus
    Saturday, September 24Interviews7:00 PMScott Hall
    Sunday, September 25Interviews7:00 PMScott Hall
  18. Sigma Chi (Recruitment Chair: Anthony Barone –
    Sunday, September 11Meet the Brothers8:00 PM49 Hardenberg Street
    Monday, September 12Meet the Brothers9:00 PM
    49 Hardenberg Street
    Wednesday, September 147 Rooms of Sigma Chi9:30 PM49 Hardenberg Street
    Sunday, September 18Basketball Tournament7:00 PM49 Hardenberg Street
    Tuesday, September 207 Rooms of Sigma Chi8:30 PM49 Hardenberg Street